We are Platinum Digital Group

Platinum Digital Group LLC is an innovative software company, specializing in low-level software development, reverse engineering, and web development. We are always pushing the boundary on what's possible.

Platinum Digital Group is a leading provider of third-party middleware for video games. We are committed to providing unmatched experiences to end-users through innovation, attention to detail, and quality customer service. Our products and services cover a wide variety of platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile, leveraging our skills in reverse engineering and kernel- and systems-level development.

PARTNER WITH US » We offer a wide array of software products and services to fit your specific goals, whether it be licensing our proprietary technologies, whitelabel versions of our branded software, anti-cheat software for publishers or leagues, or completely custom development projects. Contact us for additional details.

Platinum Cheats (established 2015)

Platinum Cheats is our flagship brand and is the leading provider of cheats for popular titles, including Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We are constantly seeking talented software developers with the following skillsets to join our team:

We offer the following benefits to all of our employees:

Interested? Send your CV to info@platinumdigitalgroup.net for consideration.

Platinum Digital Group LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. All employment decisions are without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, familial status, or disability.

P.O. Box 361
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106
United States

+1 (707) 622-5484

General inquiries: info@platinumdigitalgroup.net
Product security: security@platinumdigitalgroup.net

To email a specific team member, the template is [first name]@platinumdigitalgroup.net.

Management Team

Clayton Schneider (Mojo)
Chief Operating Officer

Clay is in charge of day-to-day operations, and leads the customer service team. He is also in charge of marketing and sales.

Brendan Heinonen (InvokeStatic)
Chief Technology Officer

Brendan is in charge of Platinum's software development & technical operations team. He is actively involved in every development project.