We are Platinum Digital Group

Platinum Digital Group LLC is an innovative software company, specializing in low-level software development, reverse engineering, and web development. We are always pushing the boundary on what's possible.

Team Platinum

Clayton Schneider (Mojo)
Chief Operating Officer

Clay is in charge of day-to-day operations, and leads the customer service team. He is also in charge of marketing and sales.

Brendan Heinonen (InvokeStatic)
Chief Technology Officer

Brendan is in charge of Platinum's software development & technical operations team. He is actively involved in every development project.

Aidan K. (dude719)
Senior Software Engineer

Aidan is a talented software & reverse engineer. He has an impressive portfolio and has intimate knowledge of low-level NT internals.

Zac H. (Boomdead123)
Customer Service

From his days as a paid customer of Platinum Cheats, he is well versed in our software and ready to help anyone in need. He consistently has the fastest ticket response time of anyone on staff.